6 Personalised Gift Ideas!

6 Personalised Gift Ideas!

Perfect unique gifts for weddings, children, new homes and much more!

Giving a perfect gift requires being thoughtful - and we have a range of thought-filled gifts that will delight! Our products are special from a gifting point of view as they are able to be personalised to be completely unique for the person(s) you are gifting it to. Below are six personalised gift ideas to ensure you are able to give the perfect, thoughtful gift:


Weddings Gift Ideas

A personalised wedding gift can be something that adds to their special day such as a welcome sign similar to the below image with their names on it:

Wedding gift idea wood sign

 or perhaps it is something for the special couple to open later and hang in their home to remind them of their special day such as a customised ‘Mr & Mrs’ wreath sign with their surname: 

Wedding gift idea - personalised wreath


Newborn, family & children gift ideas: 


Made to order personalised Height Charts! Fully customisable with quotes, images or text, this gift is not only a beautiful, personalised addition to any home but also a keepsake that can be kept on display for many years to come. 

Ply Paper Roller - a gift that truly is timeless and whilst our main vision is that it inspires creativity for all ages allowing children to draw, write and create - we can also seen it in many other applications including being used for a shop ‘to do’ list, in a kitchen for the grocery list, or perhaps even in a living room for visitors to inscribe a message as a readable keepsake in the years ahead. 

 Paper roller gift idea for children and families


House warming gift ideas:

Moving into a new home is a special occasion, and deserves a memorable gift. 

As a proudly owned and operated New Zealand company, you will be truly giving a gift of home they can have forever whether they stay in our beautiful country or move abroad. A customised rimu or ply sign could be crafted to be a room sign such as for their kitchen or perhaps a property sign could be given from a group of their nearest and dearest. 

farm sign homewarming gift idea


Gift vouchers

In the past, gift vouchers have been seen as a somewhat less-than-thoughtful gift. This changes now, as you are able to give them a gift that can be customised, and personalised to them and what they want. 


Should you have an idea for a custom gift, please be sure to reach out to us - we look forward to hearing from you!