Commercial signs - custom wood business signs

Custom wood commercial sign

Custom wood commercial signs

We are able to create custom wood commercial signs with any text you want. Simply supply the wording and/or logo to us at and from there we can then discuss sizings, ideas and different potential looks through to your final custom sign.

We are able to create commercial signs for a range of applications, whether it is an exterior sign for your business, an A-frame style sign that can easily be popped up at a trade fair or field day through to smaller signs to indicate the name of a specific interior space such as a bathroom. Being custom, the applications of these signs are somewhat limitless, so be sure to reach out to us to let us know what you are thinking to see if we can make it work!


Why businesses love our signs:

  • Quality. There is a lot of love and craftsmanship put in to ensure our signs are crafted just how you want them.
  • Custom. Can be tailored to represent your brand - from rustic to sophisticated, our signs can be made to best suit you.
  • Local. A great talking point - from supporting local to using native timber such as rimu or totara, the signs are an ideal conversation starter.

Product details:

- We are able to provide an array of timber choices ranging from macrocarpa slabs and macrocarpa timber to clear treated plywood, rimu or totara.

- Our tools enable us to cut as large as you would like up to 2400mm x 1200mm.

- NB: These signs will be stained to enable them to stand up to climate conditions.

Our custom wood commercial signs are a perfect way to add a touch of NZ to your brand and an easy way to add a unique design piece to your business office or pop up - reach out to us here for a no obligations conversation about what is possible for you and your business!